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History of "Public Safety" Levies in Hayden

North Idaho Slow Growth posted the following on the history of levies and law enforcement in the City of Hayden.

"Evidently there has been a compelling need in Hayden to raise the level of support for Law Enforcement for many years, but somehow the City Council has failed to address the problem.

[see graphic of article from 2018]

The levy failed in 2019. [See chart of the 2019 Hayden City Budget]. It is typical of Hayden City Budgets for the last five years. It seems that Hayden routinely spends about 8 to 10 times as much on "public works" as it does on "law enforcement" and it continues to under-fund law enforcement even after the levy failed? Why is that?

Why is a levy needed when there has not been any attempts to increase the budget for "public safety".

What did the City of Hayden spend money on during that time? Between 2020-21, $500,000 was allocated to pay for the development of a new Comprehensive Plan and new zoning codes...

Will Hayden actually spend money on public safety and law enforcement or will they do what they have done in the past?"

This levy will increase taxes 32%

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