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Hayden City Council, Mayor, and Staff must hold Stone Creek North’s developer accountable

Stone Creek North development fails to meet requirements; environmental risks include plans to build

homes on wetlands.

Hayden, Idaho—January 23, 2023—Ground-breaking of the Stone Creek North development wil start in early 2023. Citizens in Hayden have uncovered problems with current design plans which include non-compliance with the master development agreement and potential environmental impacts. The Hayden City Council, Mayor Scott Forssell, and city staff must enforce compliance with the City’s own ordinances and show transparency while representing their constituents.

Concerned Hayden citizens request Hayden City Council to 1) protect the health, safety and general welfare of the community; 2) amend the master development agreement to bring it into

compliance with City codes, ordinances, and the 2020 City Council’s conditions of approval; and 3)hold the developer accountable to the master development agreement and city and state codes. If the developer cannot comply, the agreement should be terminated.

The Stone Creek North subdivision plan has undergone seven revisions since conditional approval in November 2020 with numerous changes including an increased number of dwelling

units (increasing from 66 to 69), and changes in the park plan (reduced size and changes to accessibility and the components included). To the best of the public’s knowledge (through FOIA

requests to the city), the seventh and current design documents have not been approved by all regulatory bodies.

Wetlands exist in the Stone Creek North subdivision site which drain through a stream along existing homes and empty into the aquifer. Over 150 Hayden citizens signed a petition to request

that city code for procedures and environmental studies be applied to this project. In 2020, three of the four City Council members expressed concerns about the wetlands, stipulated that sensitive area codes be followed, and a downstream analysis be performed. The current City Council has not addressed these concerns and has not applied its own city codes to protect the environment, the existing neighborhoods, and the potential purchasers of homes in the new subdivision.

The development plan has changed from the initial approval in a way that will worsen traffic for neighbors of this subdivision as well as along Buckles Rd, Wyoming Ave, Rocking R Road, Lacey

Ave, and N Maple Street. Existing residents do not want a north-to-south thoroughfare running through their neighborhoods. Traffic problems continue to come up in City Council meetings,

and traffic was a significant factor that affected the outcome of a recent zone map amendment request.

Since conditional approval more than two years ago, the process has lacked transparency, and the City has shown a dismissive attitude towards its constituents and their concerns.

In this 2023 election year, we ask Mayor Forssell and Hayden City Council to remember that they represent the people of Hayden and will be held accountable for their actions on this and other

matters facing the City of Hayden.

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