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Final Five Candidates for North Idaho College President

I have been looking over the final candidates for North Idaho College President.

Dr. Todd Brand has been a coach and very involved in higher education. (Sounds a lot like current Interim NIC President.)

Dr. Steve Condon has also been a coach. He started out teaching middle school and has served a multiple Christian Universities at the administrative level. He attended Harvard. His wife is a librarian.

Dr. Chad Crumbaker - the current college he is at has been named in the top five colleges in US news and world report. He strives for very little student debt for graduates.

Dr. Nick Swayne is a retired Army office. Has been involved with Stanford University. His bio talks about international partnerships. Also mentions, "Using the lens of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion to solve real-world problems."

Dr. James Taylor is currently in Utah. He "has a long history of strengthening collaboration between college and communities." He has research experience in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

There is a chance to talk with the five candidate on June 10th. I'll post the details closer to then.


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