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Fear Due to Media or Intolerance?

The amount of fear that Mike Satz expresses in this video is sad. Is he so full of fear due to a steady diet of mainstream media content? Is he fearful when people with opposite opinions of his come to meetings or the capitol in large numbers? Or is his intolerance making him fearful?

Was there actual issues regarding safety at the special session this past November? If you were down there in person please comment.

Notice that he said, "Alicia and I do this for a living." They are paid to do what they do. I don't begrudge them a living. It is context to be aware of.

The man in this video is Mike Satz a registered lobbyist who works for the Idaho 97 Project. He is a registered Democrat.

The Idaho 97 Project is a Democrat group that works with Reclaim Idaho, also a Democrat group. Both groups are working to turn Idaho blue.

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