Election Fraud

Did you guys know that the Boundary County Clerk Glenda Poston has failed to hold elections, maintain an accurate election calendar, and withheld/concealed non-exempt public records. Some of this has been going on since 1982.

Why is the county clerk still in office? Why is a recall having to be done? Why is a lawsuit/tort having to be filed for the right thing to be done?

I am shocked that the Boundary County sheriff, the Boundary County Commissioners, the Idaho Secretary of State and the Idaho Attorney General haven't called for the clerk to resign.

gposton@boundarycountyid.org https://www.boundarysheriff.org/contact AGWasden@ag.idaho.gov elections@sos.idaho.gov

Full details: https://9b.news/news/2022/08/20recall.htm

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