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CDA SD Equity Framework Part 8

"culturally responsive environment" - Focusing on differences?

" is a place to nurture and grow...regardless of sexual orientation..." What does that have to do with learning?

Has the CDA SD asked the taxpayers that fund them if social/emotional learning is what they want taught?

Self-Awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making are not solely learned at school. Some of these come with maturity.

I am awed at their willingness to get rid of suspension and zero-tolerance. There are times when it is needed. If a student threatens harm to others that should be a suspension, not a "restoring".

"...relationship between equity and rigor..." - Um, what relationship?

"Recognizing and addressing implicit and explicit bias." Who decides what that is? Will teachers being held accountable for being biased against students who don't wear masks and don't vaccinate?

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