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CDA School District Levy - March 14th - VOTE NO

Consider attending if you live in the CDA School District.

Here are my thoughts on the CDA School District levy.

$25 million per year forever - “in perpetuity”


Here is what the school district says the levy will be for.

- Athletics

- Textbooks - more details needed. What curriculum? Is it for the core subjects or for “sources of strength”?

- Safety and security - Is this to maintain what they have or to increase it? Why more cameras?

- Classroom and School Resources - need way more detail on that on besides teacher supplies.

- Elective classes - what does this mean? This sounds like the threat used often. We will cut music and art. Your taxes must be raised or the children will suffer.

- Maintenance and transportation - Ah yes, the levy from August is back. It is just packaged up with more things around it. Like an abusive spouse, the school district won’t accept a no from the voters. They found $5 million last fall to start working on maintenance issues after the August levy failed.

- Compensation for Teachers and Staff - more details needed. How much of this goes to Administration? Is this in addition to the raises that Governor Little is asking the legislature to pass? Would like a break down of how many administrator, teachers, and staff there are in the school district.

Have they shown “receipts” of how the last levy was spent? NO Do they have details available on line about how the levy will be spent? Will they ask 3 more times this year if they get a no on March 14th?

If you believe the levy will only cost you .19 cents per $100,000 of the value of your home, then I have a bridge to no where that I would like to sell you. Try $114 per $100,000.

If you are a Hayden resident you are a part of the CDA School District? Are you ok with the sheriff levy and a School district levy being passed? The law enforcement levy raised your taxes 29% if the CDA school district levy passes you could have a total 35% tax increase.

CDA School District needs to live within its means. VOTE NO!

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