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Boundary County School District Bond Vote

The Boundary County School District had a bond on the ballot in March of this year. The bond failed. They can't accept the no, so it is on the ballot again on August 30th.

The current bond expires this month yet they refuse to give some much needed tax relief during these financially difficult times and are burdening us with back-to-back school bond/tax increases.

What they don't want taxpayers to realize is that if the bond fails, the current high school bond is now paid off and our taxes would be reduced!

So why are they running a new bond if the new high school is paid off? Do they need other new schools?

If you live in that school district comment and let me know.

Property owners recently received our new tax valuations which have almost doubled for most of property owners. (we won't receive our tax assessments until December).

Below is a list of what the bond is for from the school districts webpage.

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