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Background Checks Needed at NIC Dorms

Does North Idaho College do criminal background checks on the students that live in their dorms? It doesn't seem like they do.

Normally I'd just think it's odd that a 40 year old man is living in the North Idaho College dorms. Then I hear rumors that this man was weirding out a lot of the young women living in the dorms. That he would act weird, say inappropriate things, and then deny it.

On Jan. 20th the CDA PD arrested the 40 year old man for an arrest warrant out of another county. The arrest warrant was for Felony Injury to a Child.

I have requested more information from North Idaho College. Will post more details once I know more.


This is all alleged and suspected until the man is given a jury trial and sentenced in a court of law.


Thank you to the person who brought this to my attention.

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