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Affordable Care Act in Idaho

"What is your experience with health insurance? I am putting mine out here for all to see...

Why do we still have the (not-so) Affordable Care Act in Idaho? It's all about the money... In shopping for insurance I learned a few things. First, if you make up to $400,000+ per year, you can qualify for the federal tax credit. Seriously! If you want the tax credit, you are going to apply for "welfare". Medicaid is a welfare program. Welfare was not designed for me (who makes WAY less than $400K per year) and espceially those making that kind of income. But what the heck? IT'S FREE MONEY! Idaho actively promotes this welfare system. Your legislators want you to be reliant on the government for your healthcare. Why? to keep the campaign dolllars coming in.

In BLUE you see our premiums for 2021. In order to get coverage next year that is anywhere close to what we have, we are facing an increase of at least $27%! PLUS, look at the increased out of pocket. How did the Idaho Dept of Isurance approve these increases? How was it justified?

The unholy alliance between government (in good old conservative Idaho), and the deep pocket donors from pharma, insurance and the non-profit healthcare systems is very apparent... "

By Jim Smith

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