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A Political God Gap

From the Daily Wire:

"Polling Shows A Political God Gap

The Topline: Recent elections show a significant political realignment among minority voters, with the Democratic Party growing more white while the Republican Party becomes more racially diverse. Polling suggests religion could be a major factor driving the shakeup.

A poll commissioned by The New York Times found that Democrats now have a bigger advantage among white college graduates than they do with minority voters.

Among Hispanics, Republicans and Democrats are now statistically tied in generic congressional polling. Meanwhile, in the last two presidential elections, black men shifted toward the Republican party in record numbers.

To go along with these shifts in voter bases, the demographic makeup of candidates is also changing for the two parties. A record number of black and latino candidates are running as Republicans and House Republicans say their new candidate slate this election cycle is the most diverse in the party’s history.

There are a lot of reasons for this realignment, including inflation and the economy, but some analysts are starting to look at religion as a driving factor, as well. Overall, people of color are much more likely than whites to describe themselves not just as Christians, but as devout Christians.

When those numbers are broken down within the Democratic party, 61% of all nonwhites say they believe in the God of the Bible, a number very close to Republican voters overall. Among white Democrats, however, only 32% say they believe in a biblical God.

There’s also a Pew chart that shows how stark that divide is in practice, with nonwhite Democrats being significantly more likely to attend church on a weekly basis than white Democrats. Looking at the same graph of Republicans, all subgroups within the party are fairly similar on church attendance and belief in God.

Bottom Line: The religious beliefs of nonwhite Democrats much more closely mirror Republicans.

The Issues

With an issue like transgenderism, which has become a major focus of the Left in the last few years, religious orientation becomes important.

For example, 68% of black Americans say sex is determined at birth and cannot be changed, but only 38% of those who describe themselves as Democrat or leaning-Democrat feel the same.

Abortion is another example. There, Latinos, particularly evangelical Latinos, are out of step with the Democratic party platform. According to the latest Pew survey, 40% of Latinos said abortion should be illegal in most or all cases — the highest of any ethnic group. The number jumps to 54% with young Latinos ages 18 to 35."

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