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"What is a "Reasonable" Republican?

It's the opening statement in his fundraising letter.

The other day my opponent, Chris Fillios, sent a letter seeking support for his re-election campaign. The first sentence read, "Greetings fellow reasonable Republican."

It was a strange way to start a letter, but one could reasonably conclude that he sees himself as a "reasonable" Republican. So, what exactly is that?

Deceiving You, the Constituent?

I wrote about this before.

My opponent appointed his campaign Treasurer to the Optional Forms of Government Study Commission, It wouldn't have been that big of a deal had both of them disclosed this fact to the public and Study Commission Members. But neither did.

Consequently, they were able to get other Members to vote my opponent's Treasurer to be the Study Commission's Chairman. We all have seen how that turned out for the Commission and community.

I've had more than one Member tell me they would never have voted for the current Chairman had they known he was a political operative of my opponent. Why does my opponent think this kind of deception is okay?

Encouraging a Donation Amount To Circumvent Timely Campaign Disclosure Rules?

A full read of my opponent's letter (below) reveals that he does not seek the maximum $1,000 contribution, but instead wants $999 contributions. Why?

Because this allows him to circumvent existing campaign finance disclosure rules by $1. There's no other way to say it but that it is meant to intentionally keep you, the voter, in the dark with timely contributions. It's sketchy.

One of the biggest problems in our political process is "dark" money influencing our politicians. Why does he support these deceptive tactics.

Encouraging Democrats to Switch Parties to Affect Republican Primary Results?

I believe it's immoral. But my opponent gives it his blessing.

In June 2020, my opponent spoke to the Kootenai County Democrat Club. Fortunately, the meeting was recorded for the world to see (link below).

In it, he thanks democrats for switching party affiliation to help him win the 2020 Republican Primary. His exact language was "bless your hearts."

Bless your hearts?

If That's What Being "Reasonable" Is...I Want Nothing to Do With It

It's true.

I don't want to be a "reasonable" Republican if it means:

deceiving my constituents, attempting to circumvent timely campaign finance disclosure rules or encouraging Democrats to change party affiliation to help me win a Republican Primary.

Instead, I want full disclosure in government. I want full and timely disclosure of money. And I don't want -- or would ever encourage -- immoral voting shenanigans to obtain (or remain in) power.

I will address how my opponent is failing this community through his poor leadership in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, I want nothing to do with his form of "reasonable"!

I hope you don't, either.

Here's the video of my opponent thanking the local democrat club (go to 17:20):

Here's my opponent's fundraising letter:

February 19, 2022

Greetings fellow reasonable Republican. I am approaching you today to ask for your support for my re-election to the office of County Commissioner. I have been the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners for the past 3+ years. Make no mistake about it, we are in a fight for the soul of Kootenai County as we endeavor to save the County, and for that matter, the State.

Over the past months, as I near the end of my second term in office, I am confronted with the possibility of watching our county fall into the hands of the already announced KCRCC challenger for my office – Bruce Mattare. We have researched this man’s background and found it truly alarming. More on this after the candidacy filing period ends, on March 11th.

Since being re-elected to my current two-year term, I have accomplished the following, and more:

- Limited property tax increases to annual average increase of only 1.5% over the five budget cycles I’ve participated in. And the County is in great financial shape! - Launched production of a whitepaper on managing growth in our county (An Overview of Kootenai County Growth Management and Principles and Possible Applications), and I am expecting to approve county impact fees this year. - Negotiated purchase of the Kootenai Electric building in Hayden – aka Kootenai North – to better serve our residents to the north and west.

I am asking for your financial support as I have determined that I must raise $25K by March 11th in order to run a successful campaign for this four-year term. We are facing an existential threat to our democracy nationally and locally, as autocrats have commandeered the local Republican Party. We must reclaim the traditional values of inclusion, tolerance, and balance that Idaho has long been known for.

If you wish for me to work for you yet again, then I hope you can help save Kootenai County. I am accepting donations up to $ 999. Please note: the KCRCC already owns one county commissioner; if they gain one more, they will have complete control, and our cities will be next to fall. Please don’t let the County suffer the same type of KCRCC-induced damage that NIC is enduring.

If you wish to write or call, you can reach me at:, or, 208 818-5583. I will activate my website after the filing period ends on March 11th. And remember: the May 17th Primary IS our November election!

Please send your generous donation to:

Chris Fillios for County Commissioner PO Box 867 Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816-0867

Thanks, Chris."


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