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We Will Fight For You

So baffled by the amount of people who don’t want this forced jab but have either stayed quiet or do nothing but criticise the people who have risked themselves and their families in speaking up - while these draconian mandates fly threatening livelihoods and families, lockdowns terrorize small business owners, laws being “proclaimed”, children are sexualized in schools, constant liberal propaganda being spewed everywhere you look for YEARS.

But the minute that conservatives organize, say enough is enough, decide to fight back against this tyrannical left- (not the other way around) protect bodily sovereignty, take back the corrupt school system where parents are proclaimed as the terrorist…… all of a sudden THEY’RE the extremists?

If you don’t recognize communism when it’s staring you in the face, you might want to visit some countries…. I guess life is simpler and easier and people do like to live in their bubbles ….

But is it really?

Look where that’s got us?

Don’t worry we’ll keep fighting for you until you’re ready to wake up. Everyone should have the right to decide what to put in their body and to raise their children according to their convictions. —Even those criticizing and fighting against the only people standing in the way of those who mean them harm."


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