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Walkout Wednesday!

For Immediate Release 8/10/21

Stand by our Healthcare Heroes!

Coeur D Alene, ID – On Wednesday August 11, at your lunch hour from 12pm to 1pm, join the nationwide movement to walk out and protest for your medical freedom. If your workplace is mandating COVID shots, come stand with others who believe in making medical procedures a choice, not mandatory for employment.

Forced healthcare mandates affect everyone, whether you are being faced with them personally, or know someone that is. It doesn’t matter if you have received the shot, or know someone that has, plan to receive it, or never want to get it; come stand with us to show your support in your right to make your own medical decisions. Healthcare workers are heroes and should not be forced to accept a medical procedure as a term of employment. Other local hospitals have mandated that employees get the shot or be fired.

Spread the word to all employers and come outside to stand with others who believe medical procedures should be a choice, not a mandate of employment. Walk out at noon and stand with your signs, so others know you support their right to choose medical freedom.

Coordinated by People’s Rights network. Local spokesperson Jennifer Zehner of People’s Rights network was quoted saying “We are striving to communicate and organize between conservative groups working to preserve liberties such as our freedom to choose medical procedures without making them a condition of employment.”



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