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Update on ER Doctors Leaving Kootenai Health

I had previously stated that ER Doctors were quitting due to the jab. I was wrong.

24 of the 27 ER Doctors will not be continuing with Kootenai Health. Why? Kootenai Health wants them to take a 30% pay cut. This doesn't seem to be a good idea with staffing issues like they are at the moment.

Here is the text from a full page ad in a local paper:

"Thank you Coeur d'Alene & North Idaho


The providers and staff of Western Medical Associates (WMA) would like to inform North Idaho that we will no longer be providing our Emergency Medicine (EM) Care in the community. We have been the independent Emergency Medicine group providing Emergency Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers at Kootenai Health for the past 30 years.

Kootenai Health leadership has decided to take over ongoing provider staffing of the Emergency Department effective January 1, 2022.

We are very saddened to no longer be able to provide our excellent emergency medical care after this transition. As a result, 24 of 27 WMA physcians/APPS (representing over 400 years of Kootenai Health Emergency Room experience) will be relocating their practices. This will be taking place during the COVID pandemic, ongoing hospital capacity/staffing issues, hospital construction and expansion, and rapid growth in our region. WMA is working with Kootenai Health leadership to help facilitate as smooth a transition as possible.

WMA would like to thank North Idaho for allowing us the privilege of providing state of the art emergency medical care over these 30 years.

We want to thank all the physicians, nurses, advanced practice providers, emergency medical services personnel, housekeeping, cafeteria staff, regional hospitals, urgent cares, ancillary and support staff. Health care is a team effort and we could not have done our job without your participation.

We will miss all of you."

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