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Stop Blaming Others

I don’t normally comment on obituaries but this one is factually wrong.

A woman died on Jan. 7th. (2022). Her obituary states that she died after, “spending more than 20 hours waiting for an ICU bed to open up somewhere in Idaho, Montana or Washington. There were no beds available, thanks to unvaccinated patients.”

Go to, click on Hospital Bed Dashboard. You will see that there were hospital beds and ventilators available on Jan. 7th.

I am so sorry that a 33 year old woman died. Blaming unvaccinated people is factually wrong.

Having had a recent remission of Stage 4 breast cancer put this woman at higher risk of getting sick from a wide variety of things.

We are better than this.

Considering joining me in emailing the paper that printed this obituary, asking them to print a correction with facts from the state dashboard.

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