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Response From Fillios RE: County Government

A Hayden resident wrote to Kootenai County Commissioner Fillios regarding the Committee looking into different forms of county government.

Hayden Resident: "Dear Commissioner Fillios,

I wanted to say that I am against the new form of government in every way, shape, and form.

I would appreciate it if you would just put an end to it now.

I feel like it is doing nothing but causing extra work, expense, and unnecessary stress on everyone.

If you don't want to end it now could you please explain to me why not and what the end goal is?"

Fillios replied: "As you probably know, Idaho code allows for the Optional (or Alternative) form of Government. The Study Commission is volunteer, and will analyze whether it makes sense for KC to move to an alternative structure. As part of their consideration they must also analyze remaining with our current traditional structure. When Bill Brooks ran for office, he committed to forming a study commission to consider the change. What we should keep in mind is that we - the BOCC - have the final say as to whether the Study Commission recommendation is placed on the ballot, which means that in the end, you, the voters, have the final say.

Let's allow the Study Commission to do their work. There's no reason to stress. The end goal is to allow the process to play out.

The goal - for me - is to achieve the most efficient structure possible, that best accommodates the growth we're experiencing."

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