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Panhandle Health District July Meeting of the Board of Trustees

I attended the July meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Panhandle Health District this past Thursday. See the graphic below for what greets you when you come in the main door.🙄

Kootenai County Coroner Duke Johnson has been appointed to the board by a vote of 10-1. He replaces Dr. McLandress, who in 2020 stated that anyone who refuse to wear a mask had blood on their hands.

There was lots of talk on the opioid settlement money leading to an excess in the budget for the Panhandle Health District. Why does the health district get that money? Why not return it to the taxpayers?

Panhandle Health Director Duffy stated that for the health district to remain accredited they must have a diversity, equity, inclusion policy. The trustees were given a copy of the proposed copy. This was a discussion item, which the potential for it being an action item at the September meeting.

There was a long discussion on if a health district needs to be accredited. Only 3 of the 7 health districts in Idaho are accredited. Director Duffy is concerned that if a diversity policy is not put into place then grants won't be available. All the trustees at the meeting in person pushed back on Duffy's statement. They asked his to stop fear mongering.

Consider join me in writing the Panhandle Health District Board of Trustee to ask them to vote no on a DEI policy in September.

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