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Panhandle Health District Board of Trustees Meeting - Marc Lyons - Dec 2022 Meeting

At the December 2022 Meeting of the Panhandle Health District Board of Trustee Meeting, attorney Marc Lyons reviewed board responsibilities. Lyons discusses dysfunctional boards.

He tells the Panhandle Health District Trustees that it is important to not undermine the board in public. Did he give former NIC Trustees Woods and Howard that advice?

Lyons mentions that has has been legal representation for school districts, North Idaho College and other government entities. Two questions: 1) Was he the lawyer that fought for health districts mandates at the beginning of the 2020 lockdowns? and 2) When is the last time the government entities Lyons represent put out their legal representation to competitive bid?

Towards the end Lyons states that all boards should make sure their decisions take place in open in meetings. Has he been consistent in this advice?

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