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Panhandle Health Board Meeting Covid - Kootenai Health presentation and discussion - 10/22/20

The CEO and two doctors from Kootenai Health talked about and presented on Kootenai Health and their experience with COVID. Dr. Scoggins, Dr. Evans presented.

Dr. Scoggins said he lives in fear of getting COVID. Discusses the effectiveness of masks with COVID. He said ,"We don’t want our doctors to make life or death decisions based on social media, or have those without experience make those decisions." He also stated - "Wearing a mask protects everyone around you. Benefits of wearing masks are proven. I want the mask mandate to stay in place for the health and well being of all."

At the 36 min mark Panhandle Health Board Member Mr. Kirby stated his opinion on the mask mandate. "You have no idea the amount of heat I took because I voted for the mask mandate. I can take the heat but it was rough." He mentioned that it seems like the Kootenai County Commissioners don't care. "Nobody is wearing their dam mask anyway, they are thumbing their noses at us."

At the 43 minute mark - Panhandle Health Board Members Mrs. Neilson said that we need to wear our masks to protect our hospital capacity.

At the 56 min minute mark - Mask Mandate helped the numbers declined.

At the 57 min mark - Panhandle Health Board Member Mr. Bailey - "People should have the freedom and civil liberty to choose to wear a mask. I have genuine concern over hospital capacity."

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