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North Idaho College Rant

"I'm going to go on an NIC rant for a minute, so please forgive me. I'm sitting across from my 17-year old athome in my office, listening to her latest indoctrination assignment.

My daughter is a full-time dual-credit student at NIC. This is her

third semester. We purposely chose all online classes in attempts to bypass the indoctrination that happens in the classroom. If you're not familiar with NIC online classes, there is no Zoom or anything, just assignments based on the material you are given.

I am appalled and disgusted by ignorant people who keep telling us that CRT is not in schools. Here are just a couple of examples of what is being taught at NIC:

Today for English she has to watch an hour and 40 minute documentary on the 13th amendment called "13th" and write an essay on *each* chapter to show she watched the whole thing. In just the first minute and a half it says, "if you're whiteyou're a product of what your ancestors chose, if you're black you're a product of what your ancestors did not choose." Thewhole thing is about "racist America."

Last week, she had to write an essay, again, on racist America,

based on this "Historical Foundations of Race" article.

In another class last fall, she had to read all about "using inclusive language" and how to "respect pronoun usage for transgender persons."

In her psychology class last fall she had to read a book that gave

examples of "transgenders who are transitioning." On a test, one of the questions asked what the term is for a "person whose assigned gender does not agree with their sex."

Another instructor had her watch a video on "fake news" that stated "statistically, Trump supporters are more likely to visit these fake news sites" and glorified Facebook and


Her speech class material stated there is a "common misconception that there are only two genders."

Even worse, the students are not allowed to think freely and express their opinions unless they agree with the false narrative. They must cite their references in their essays, but often they are not allowed to use their own resources. For example, last year she wrote on the "vaccine" but the only sources she was

allowed to use was from the NIC online digital library which is

completely biased and undeniably far-left.

These are just a few examples.

There are too many to count. I am so grateful she is HOME and we can talk about these things daily. College professors have free reign to teach whatever they want. Don't be fooled, it's right here in CdA.


Written by: M.L.


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Time for patriots to wake up and protect our communities. So many different battles to volunteer for.

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