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North Idaho College President MacLennan's Contract!

Section 2 The President serves at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees. He is not the boss of the Board of Trustees, the Board is the boss of him. Why is MacLennan so upset about the Board doing their job? Have they not done their job for the last 10 years?

MacLennan’s contract states that, “the President recognizes the need for effective communication with the Board.” Does he really think he is doing a good job of this?

Section 4 The President of NIC makes $218,325 per year. And if his contract is terminated without cause he gets to leave with a full years salary. Is this normal for a two year college?

Section 5 “The President must provide to the Board Chair, on an annual basis, an accounting of used and accused vacation days for review by the Board.” Has MacLennan done this? Or has he not done this since a new Board Chair was voted it?

“The President shall notify the Board prior to taking vacation and the Board, in its discretion, may require such plans to be deferred as the Board deems appropriate.” Has MacLennan done this?

Section 6 “The President may submit to the Board Chair, the Treasurer, or other designated member of the Board, a request for approval and authorization of payment for the President’s membership in community and professional organization that the Board, in its sole discretion, deems prudent and necessary for the role of the President of NIC.” Yet, again…Has MacLennan does this? Does he only ask certain board members like Trustee Wood?

Section 9 9.4 This Agreement may be terminated for cause, if a majority of the Board in its sole discretion, determine that: (1) the President has significantly failed or refused to act in accordance with a material provision of this Agreement or any directive or order of the Board; (2) the President has exhibited gross misconduct or dishonesty in regard to his employment; (3) the President is (or has been) convicted of a crime involving dishonestly, breach of trust, or physical or emotional harm to any person;…”

Has MacLennan refused to do stuff the Board has asked him to do? Or does he just refuse to do things that Barnes, Mackenzie or Banducci ask him to do? Also, why is emotional harm in this contract? That seems very subjective.


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