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North Idaho College Accreditation Report Highlights

Here are some highlights from the Peer-Evaluation Report that the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities did regarding their visit to North Idaho College in April.

1) "Of concern to the evaluation team, however, was the college leadership's lack of engagement with the Board in the production of their report."

2) "It was abundantly clear that all meeting participants were proud of NIC, expressing a very palpable sense of community, and with hopes for an outcome that would serve the best interests of the institution."

3) "An example of poor governance was noted with the quest to obtain new legal counsel in the meeting of April 26, 2023 (material information on the counsel's costs nor context for how the firm or lead attorney were selected were not included in the board packet.) This issue was pointed out to the President in a meeting the morning of April 27. He stated that he didn't know why he didn't include those materials for the board."

4) "...the evaluation team made note that the Board may still not fully be differentiating their role as governing body form the institution's leadership role of President."

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