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My Letter to the Kootenai County Commissioners Regarding Panhandle Health

I am disgusted by what McLandress said at the Panhandle Health meeting yesterday.

You guys you refuse to do anything about this issue. Chris, I believe you said you won’t consider removing McLandress until his term is up.

McLandress is not responsible nor responsive to the general public nor does he seem to communicate with the public or the three of you.

You must re-consider McLandress being on the Board of Panhandle Health.

An elected official needs to replace McLandress. Not when his term is up, not after the Idaho Legislator changes the law. You can and should replace McLandress before the next Panhandle Health Board Meeting in March.

Would you guys say what McLandress said at the meeting? “…bloods on their hands?” Really? Not professional, not caring, not accountable! Here are quotes from what he said: "We are flooded with nonsense that this is nothing more than the flu. That is nonsense, we know better.” "These people who refuse to wear a mask, who refuse to limit gathering, who go to restaurants and sit close to each other whether inside or outside - these people who are ignoring the reality - these people have blood on their hands!” "People have died, more people will die.” "The self-centered, myopic vision of people who focus on personal rights totally misses the big picture….our medical research, our experts, show that our risks are increasing in the future."



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