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More Details on NIC College and NIC Foundation

More details on the relationship between North Idaho College and the NIC Foundation. Multiple sources confirming these details.

North Idaho College pays the salaries and benefits of the NIC Foundations employees. I'm thinking that would give them excellent health care and retirement benefits. Is the NIC Foundation completely reimbursing NIC?

North Idaho College gives the NIC Foundation office space. Is this a reimbursed cost? Does the foundation pay rent to the college? North Idaho College also provides the computers, phones, etc. for the foundation. Once again, Is this cost reimbursed?

My concern with this issue is that the taxpayers of Kootenai County are paying costs for a 501c3 that is not subject to Idaho Sunshine report laws. The 501c3 is not required to be fiscally transparent with the taxpayers.

I want the NIC Foundation to provide scholarships and help the college. I highly suggest that both the college and the foundation figure out the best way to be more transparent about their relationship and how to be more transparent to the taxpayers.

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