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Kootenai Health and Rod Furniss

From what I understand there were two politicians that worked to get the law changed to where Kootenai Health can become a 501c3 without a public vote.

Idaho House Representative Rod Furniss carried the bill in the house. I looked at his campaign donations back to 2020. Donations from quite a variety of health insurance companies, J.R. Simplot, the Coeur d'Alene Tribe, Melaleuca, and Frank and Belinda Vandersloot. (See the screenshots for more details.)

Keep in mind I think it might be good for the hospital to go private, my concerns are in the areas of proper notification and money back to the county taxpayers.

Looking at who is funding this Idaho Representative has me thinking. Whose interests were being thought of when this bill passed? Not the taxpayers of Idaho or Kootenai County. I will write a second post on the Idaho Senator involved too.

Thank you to the person who pointed this out to me. 😎

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