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KCFR Bond Measure Information Gathering

Had a great email conversation with Chief Way about getting more information on the KCFR Bond measure on the May 18th Ballot. I'm meeting with him on Monday. I will update you all after I meet with him.

I wrote:

"Can I come in and look at your books? I would like to see the money being spent and where it is going.

Also, do you guys have documentation of where you spend CARES Act money? I would like to see that.

I tried to look at your webpage and it won’t load…

I’d also like to see documentation on the spending of the firemans union and more information on who they have supported politically in the past. If that is not you, please pass my email on to the correct person. :-)"

Chief Way:

"I am happy to meet with you. To a couple of your points, we are happy to give you our budget and show you how our money is being spent exactly. We can absolutely show you the CARES Act funding as well. We have it very clearly shown on a spread sheet as we have to have an extreme level of accounting because that is all reimbursement for unbudgeted items. We are looking in to the website right now.

The fireman's union is a totally separate entity. I want to be clear that as chiefs we are not part of the union and they do not get any money from the fire district. I will pass your request on to the union president.

Also, to be clear about the CARES Act funding, we did not receive CARES ACT funding in a lump sum. Fire Districts (different than cities and counties) had to apply for funds for specific projects. WE submit the project, it gets approved by the state, we purchase the equipment out of our funds, then we are reimbursed by the state directly."



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