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Email the Superintendent and Board of Trustees of the Post Falls School District and tell them why you voted no!

Here is what I wrote:

"I wanted to write you and let you know why I voted NO on the recent levy.

Words can not express my reaction to the article in the CDA Press that PFSD is already working on a ballot measure for May. It comes across as -‘Well, we didn’t get what we want, so we will keep trying until we wear you down.” Not sure if you guys meant it that way, but that is how I have taken it. What part of NO do you not understand?

My biggest issue is that I can’t see enough of the financial side of the school district. A line item Profit and Loss type stuff easily available on your webpage would be a good start. You guys need to state how much you got in CARES act money last year, and are planning on receiving this year. I asked CDA School District for this information and I got a line item pdf document. I could see what they spent on cleaning, online curriculum, and over all salaries. I am not suggesting personal information be put in the financial documents, but if you want the taxpayers to trust you are doing a good job with taxpayer money you need to be more transparent.

Curriculum is another issue. Having Curriculum available for parents and the general public to see online shows transparency. You might want to consider having a couple days a year where parents can come in and look through textbooks, talk with you guys about curriculum, etc. Even if they aren’t attended well - it shows that PFSD is doing its best to partner with parents on the education of their children.

You should reconsider your mask policy. I think that this really hurt you guys. It is not your job to decide if kids should wear masks, that is up to the parents. The parents and their doctor are the best people to make that decision. Show that you are teaming with the parents, not fighting against them.

I hope PFSD does not have a COVID panel like CDA School District. The COVID panel in CDA can ignore what the parent and the doctor thinks is the best health choice for the child. That is not being a team with parents.


Summer Bushnell Post Falls, Idaho

P.S. My children do not attend PFSD, but I am a taxpayer in the city of Post Falls.

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