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Incredible Gall to Stand Up For the Truth

E: You’re featured on the front page of today’s Spokesman. People just like you making our community a hell hole.

S:I’m not features in the paper. It’s a factually incorrect obituary that started all this.

E: Oh yes you are. Not named personally but we know who you are.

S: There were 3 suited for that woman’s needs. I did my research.

E: And your freaking facts aren’t facts. So like the husband is lying? I’ll ask Shawn to contact you to get the real story then.

S: But go ahead blame me. It’s a complex issue. Saying it’s the unvaccinated that killed that woman is factual untrue. The ladies father wrote the obituary.

E: Wrong. The unvaccinated shouldn’t even get a hospital bed. Let’s do it that way okay?

S: Ah, wishing people dead. Lovely.

E: Are you unvaccinated? Why should the unvaccinated get a bed before me?

S: I’ll leave it up to the doctors to triage. Still wishing people dead lovely.

E: Not dead. They can battle the virus at home and not clog up the hospitals like they are no. It’s their choice. Simple. That’s fair. We did our part. We should have access to healthcare. How long have you been here Summer? What’s the best way for Shawn to contact you? I think you and him would love to add more to this story.

S: Are you saying you are better than unvaccinated people? First time in history that a vaccine lead to superiority. I’m not better than you, I just have a different view.

E: Who said anything about being better? People that take their healthcare seriously and get a vaccine and do things to minimize the pandemic should have access to healthcare and the rest of the people should be at the back of the line. Let them fight the virus at home.

I just shared your contact information with Shawn. You can share with him where those 3 hospital beds were and he can print a correction.

S: Still wishing people dead. Wow.

E: read my words. Not dead. They can battle the virus at home and not clog up the hospitals like they are now. It’s their choice. Simple. Where were those 3 beds? It would be goo to know that you’re a person of your word.

Want to talk about morality and ethics? It was you that questioned the truth that was in the obituary. Who does that? You’re the Oman with incredible gall. Yep. That’s you.

S: I will continue to question the people that blame the unvaccinated. It’s a complex issue. The obituary was factually incorrect. You can look it up for yourself -

Yup, I have the incredible gall to stand up for the truth. And I don’t wish people dead.

E: Where were the 3 beds? It’s an easy question.

S: Gave you the link.


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