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Elected Officials Doing Their Job

It is amazing how mad people get when elected officials start doing their job.

Please come out to support Lakeland School District Board Member Michelle Thompson on August 17th, from 2-6 pm at the corner of 41 & 53. There will be people out with signs wanting to recall Thompson. Signs with "We support Thompson", "Don't believe the lies.", or "Keep Thompson."


Read below for details:

Lakeland School District Board of Trustee member Michelle Thompson is upsetting people by doing her job. She and other board members want to see financials for the district, they are a rubber stamp for the superintendent (in my opinion), and they are doing their best to keep the school district open without masks.

One Jessica Barnett is spreading claims that I can not find backing for.

She claims that Thompson has violated the Board of Trustees code of ethics. Not true!

The Board has disagreed with the superintendent, asked for financial records, and wanted to tour schools. This is doing their job, as defined by the powers and duties of the board.

Ms. Barnett claims that Thompson said the board will not be responding in writing to emails from the public. NOT TRUE! Listen to the video. I have received emails from that school board, so I personally know it is not true.



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