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Doug - Public Comment Regarding a 50 Year Lease at the CDA Airport

Doug O. is an Idaho State Representative who gave public comment regarding the potential 50 year lease being proposed at the CDA airport.

He stated that he sent all three commissioners an email about the lease and his concerns. Doug stated that he talked with the Chief Deputy in the Idaho Attorney Generals office about his concerns regarding this lease.

Doug says that the Chief Deputy AG was not sure if the county has the authority to do a 50 year lease. He also expressed that the AG's office thinks that this should be open to a competitive bidding process. Doug also mentioned something about a Constitutional issue regarding the lease. He mentioned Article 12 Section 4. "Is the county providing aid?" ( I am not sure what that means and have asked Doug to clarify what he meant.

Doug asked that the commissioners wait for the Idaho Attorney General's office to get back to him before making a decision.


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