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Correctional Facility next to a school.

The Idaho Department of Corrections (IDOC) has placed a correctional facility approximately 1300 feet away from Sorenson Elementary School in downtown Coeur d’Alene. It is called a Connection & Intervention Station (CIS) and is located at 421 E. Coeur d’Alene Ave.

Please note the IDOC- CIS “SAFETY THROUGH CONNECTION” disclosure, “CISs will serve probationers at high-risk for reoffending and probationers and parolees who are struggling with supervision”. The IDOC will not identify if convicted felons, convicted sex offenders, violent criminals or drug abusers will be located at the CDA CIS.

The one CDA CIS will cost Idaho taxpayers approximately $ 1,125,000.00 per year to operate. The Florida Corporation, Geo Reentry Service LLC will collect $ 4,500,000.000 per year to operate the four Idaho CISs. It is obvious that GEO is more interested in making money than protecting Coeur d’Alene elementary school children by placing the correctional facility so close to Sorenson Elementary School.

During the 2020 Idaho Primary Election, 78% of Kootenai County voters said no to an Idaho Department of Correction facility being placed in Kootenai County. Why can’t the IDOC understand the word NO? Because the IDOC has an annual budget of $300,000,000.00 and they do whatever they damn well please. It is all about the money and I do not trust them.

From Matt Roetter - City of Hayden Councilman

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