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Constitutional Republic vs Democracy

Here is an email conversation between myself and Dan Gookin, regarding last night's ad-hoc committee meeting. (forms of county government)

Summer: "We are not a democracy we are a constitutional republic."

Dan: "In a legislature, a vote is 2-to-1, which means the 1 must enjoy the suck. I saw no sympathy from Mr. Eberlein when he and Mr. Bingham voted 2-to-1 against Chris Fillios. That's the way the system works. You want a system where your "people" get veto power, implement a Stalinist Soviet system, which seems to be what you want. No thanks."

Summer: "Alrighty then. Ignore what I said then...

Equal representation is important to a constitutional republic. We are not a democracy.

I want the system where there is equal representation. Appointed positions instead of elected ones is Communism."

Here is a link to the video:

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