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"Confidential Parade"

A supposedly "confidential" parade happening.

I urge you to not attend. Let's not give them the time of day.

Alos, pay attention to if the local paper covers the convoy or the "confidential" parade.

Here is what is being shared.

"The alt. right has a traffic clogging, diesel burning, dangerous convoy heading to our Capitol to harass, intimidate and possible cause another insurrection.

In direct response to that the Kootenai County Democrats have planned a real freedom parade and celebration.

Join us all downtown on Thursday, March 3rd at 2 pm.

We will meet at the North Idaho College Library parking lot and march to city hall with signs of support for masks and vaccines. We will have free masks for all to wear and hand out.

We will show the community that North Idaho loves President Biden and Vice President Harris and fully supports their life saving measures.

We are hopefully Council-Woman and Board of Trustee Superstar Christi Wood will join us alongside other members of the City Council and College's Board of Trustees in solidarity.

All are welcome!

Please keep this invite only to those intended recipients. We've seen what happens when the far right local get wind of our popular activities and form a hostile takeover with their weapon carrying neanderthal knuckle dragger.

Remember signs, whistles, loud horns, mask, masks, masks, props. All must wear a mask. Meet at the North Idaho College Library at 2 pm.

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