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Chris Fillios on change in the structure of county government.

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

This is a clip from a KC Dems zoom meeting in the summer of 2020. Fillios states that the people from Kootenai County that collected signatures for the Recall of Governor Brad Little are hard right.

Fillios goes on to say that if the county goes down the cities will follow. (In terms of who is in office.) He mentions that if Brent Regan (KCRCC chairman) gets one more vote the county goes down.

What about what the people want? Has Fillios considered that the voters want this?

He goes on to claim that Brent Regan has advocated that the county be one zone so that anything goes. That is false.

"This is what we deal with, this is what we put up with."

Here is where Fillios shows his bias and in my opinion his true motive for the optional forms of government committee. He says that, "Unless there is a change in the structure of county government, whoever gets two votes controls the county."

That is how it has been for over 100 years in Idaho.

Notice that Fillios is at work during this zoom call.



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