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Chad - Public Comment NIC Board of Trustee Meeting - 12/21/22

Chad asked a great question at the Dec 21st meeting of the North Idaho College Board of Trustees. He asked what is the charter or purpose of the Board of Trustees.

From the NIC webpage:

North Idaho College is governed by a volunteer five-member board of trustees who are elected at large from within Kootenai County for staggered, four-year terms. Trustees derive their authority from and hold office in accordance with Idaho Code.

The responsibilities of the board of trustees are outlined in policy #02.01.02 of the North Idaho College Policy Manual, and include the following:

To determine the broad general policies which govern the operation of the college district.

To select and appoint the president of the college who is responsible for the general administration and implementation of board policies in the ongoing operations of the college.

To approve annual budgets.


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