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Capital Improvements vs Law Enforcement

"Hayden is spending $20 Million on CAPITOL IMPROVEMENTS in 2023...but still can't afford Law Enforcement.

We favor an increase in Hayden's contribution to the Sheriff's department , but believes that the allocation should come from the city's general funds, NOT a levy.

The city has already tried to raise taxes to fund law enforcement TWICE, in 2018 and again in 2019. Both efforts failed. But this does not mean that citizens don't want to fund Law Enforcement - it only means they se NO REASON THEIR TAXES NEED TO BE INCREASED TO PROVIDE BASIC SERVICES.

Residents don't see law enforcement as a "discretionary" item. They want Hayden to provide for ADEQUATE LAW ENFORCEMENT FIRST. Then make rational plans for growth."

Vote no on the Hayden levy on Nov. 8th.

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