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BREAKING NEWS*** North Idaho College Ken Howard Residency In Question


A certain local media outlet will question NIC Micheal Barnes Trustee's residency status, but when the asked to look into the residency of NIC Trustee Ken Howard there is no response.

This sure makes the Hagadone corporation look bad. Is Clint Schroeder aware of this?

Below is letter sent to the North Idaho College Board of Trustees, Kootenai County Clerk Jim Brannon, and copy being sent to Mike Patrick.

"Dear County Clerk Brannon and NIC Trustees,

Inspired by the recent Deborah Rose editorial, I decided to research the residency status of another North Idaho College trustee, Ken Howard.

Several years ago, The NIC trustees adopted a map with five districts (zones) and the board must be composed of one trustee from each district. It has been rumored that Mr. Howard is no longer a resident of the district to which he was elected trustee and is therefore no longer eligible to be a trustee.

Public voter registration records show that on October 2, 2020 Kenneth Howard (voter ID 2719886) and his wife Barbara (Voter ID 2719819) were living on Sleepy Lane in NIC District 2. Records also show that they voted in every election from 2014 to May of 2020.

A parcel search for that address shows that Sleepy Lane was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Andrews on November 20, 2020.

Public voter registration records from May 23, 2021 shows the Howards were still registered at the Sleepy Lane address but they did not vote in the March 9, 2021 election.

Public voter registration records from August 6, 2021 shows that Kenneth Howard is still registered on Sleepy Lane but Barbara Howard is now registered at 28822 E Miracle Rd in Bayview. County Assessor records show that this parcel of land is currently owned by the Howards but has no homeowners exemption. Satellite image from KCEarth of the parcel shows no permanent structures on the land. County records show no building permits on file for this property. Mail to that property is directed to a Coeur d'Alene post office box.

Public voter registration records from December 2, 2021 shows that Kenneth is still registered on Sleepy Lane but his wife, Barbara Howard is not registered at all. These records also show that the new owners of the Sleepy Lane house are registered and voted in the last election.

This information indicates that the Howards sold their home in November of 2020 and are no longer residing in NIC District 2. I am asking the Clerk and the NIC Board of Trustees to investigate the status of Ken Howard's residency with regards to eligibility to vote and to serve on the NIC Board.

Please confirm receipt of this email and provide the outcome of your investigation when available.

Thank you, Ann Seddon"



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