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I meant to post this yesterday, pardon the delay. Take a moment and email the Community Library Network Board. Censorship is not a good thing, but exposing children to inappropriate content is not ok either.

Monday October 25 PRECISELY at 3:30 if you want to testify (and/or email the CLN director, you may request that it be forwarded to the board). Post Falls Library conference room, 821 N Spokane St, Post Falls ID:

CLN library system (Kootenai minus CDA) needs help finding a moral compass! CLN is determining library programs policy, and so far the majority of the board thinks that controversial/sexual/immoral/illicit/sexual orientation programming for children should not be officially prohibited (CLN already has some lgbt story time for toddlers and lgbt/rainbow club for 11-18yo.

Anyone who lives in Kootenai Co. (minus CDA, which has a separate library) may come and testify. Do you think programs for children should be above reproach, the library should not be spending taxpayers money to discuss topics that should be discussed between the parent and child? Does the library have a resposibility to protect inncoent children?

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