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Another Opinion on the CDA SD Equity Framework

"I read the Coeur d’ Alene EQUITY FRAMEWORK document and am here to report my findings. 

Let’s cut right to the chase though, Scott Maben explicitly wrote that "The equity framework is in no way related to CRT,”

Read that again, just to be sure you got that before I show you what’s next.

Exhibit number 1 that this statement by Maben is false and that Maben is either lying deliberately or is ignorant about what is happening in his district, can be found on page 8 with the WHY EDUCATION EQUITY MATTERS section. This section was lifted from… 

Annamma, S.A., Connor, D.J., & Ferri, B.A. (2016). Dis/ability critical race studies (DisCrit): Theorizing at the intersections of race and dis/ability. In D.J. Connor, B.A. Ferri, & S.A. Annamma (Eds.), DisCrit: Disability studies and critical race theory in education (pp. 9-32). Teachers College Press: New York

Which is cited as the reference for the WHY EDUCATION EQUITY MATTERS section in the references section at the end of the framework document.

Yes, this is literally inside the Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho School District 271 EQUITY FRAMEWORK document.

Do I need to even continue? Oh, I will.

I have lots of questions about this document, not just with using CRT material, but also with its use of Marxist language. The way it is written feels like a word salad designed to use words that taste good when used together but are actually rooted in central government, one-size fits all ideology. Phrases are listed that then offer NO explanation of what implementation looks like, for instance…

Page 4: In a two column chart where first column is Education Equality Looks Like and second column is Education Equality Feels Like. Listed in the “looks like” column is this phrase:

“System-wide actions that contribute to a more just world” What actions? What system? What does a more “just” world look like?

Page 6 has a quote from Zanretta Hammond. Hammond is Critical Race Theorist who’s work appears in numerous places referencing CRT. Her website is CRTandthebrain, however CRT is defined there as Culturally Responsive Teaching. How convenient.

Page 7 displays a graphic showing difference between equality and equity. Equality is: giving everyone a shoe. Equity is giving everyone a shoe that fits. This is full blown Marxist language.

Kamala Harris got slammed for making a video during the campaign with similar argument and was called out by SUPPORTERS for going full communist with that video.

Page 8 reference the National Equity Project. A nonprofit group that provides training and resourced for organizations both public and private to advance equity goals within. Their website explicitly notes their approach draws on “extensive experience combined with the methodologies of… critical race theory…” As a kicker, if you’d like to donate to NEP, their donate button links DIRECTLY to ActBlue, perhaps the largest democrat and leftist money machine currently out there.

Page 8 also displays a quote from Pedro Noguera, another CRT proponent.

Page 9 has another little chart with examples of Equality v Equity and one of the latter’s examples is “Everyone at the dinner table receives servings of food appropriate to their nutritional needs.” which rings eerily similar to the ‘ol phrase "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" popularized by Karl Marx.

The document continues and is riddled with questionable phrases and actions that are never fleshed out. I wonder where the meat for these bones are stored? Is this what June 22 meeting will be about? How to implement this framework?

There is also mention throughout this document of “disabilities” but it is unclear if these are physical disabilities or mental disabilities and who they are referencing? If CRT is involved, it may suggest that there lies an inherent learning disability in students of particular races, but without any references I don’t know what is meant by “disabilities.”

This document seems to flip flop back and forth between catering to each students individual ability while at the same time relying on a Universal Design for Learning. Where you lower the bar so all can be “equal” and never challenging students to excel beyond their peers.

This isn’t all I found that stood out to me, but it’s enough to know that Scott Maben and whoever else would like to defend this document, again either do not know anything about the infiltration of Marxism into our schools, or are a wolf in sheep’s clothing seeking to destroy our fundamental American values of Equality, Liberty, and E Pluribus Unum. If they succeed then losing In God We Trust won’t be too far behind. That is what Marxism brings.

Why can't people just be transparent and say, "We are bringing Marxism to our district! Who's in?" They always have to mask it, cloaked in feel good words and redefining others. Advocates of liberty, freedom, and moral virtue never have to mask our intent, truth is the easiest thing to advocate for. Be on the side of truth."


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