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Update on the Paid for By Issue

****Update on the "paid for by" issue****

I talked with Kootenai County Clerk Jim Brannon and Deputy Clerk Jennifer Locke. They referred me to Idaho Code 67-6614A

Here is the text of the law"

"PUBLICATION OR DISTRIBUTION OF POLITICAL STATEMENTS. Whenever any person makes an expenditure for the purpose of financing communications expressly advocating the election, approval or defeat of a candidate, measure or person standing for election to the position of precinct committeeman through any broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, outdoor advertising facility, direct mailing or any other type of general public political advertising, the person responsible for such communication shall be clearly indicated on such communication."

Apparently there is difference between saying VOTE, and saying VOTE FOR. With the postcards it seems like it is implied, but perhaps that is just my interpretation.

Due to the screenshots of texts I have from a Lakeland parent, I am going file an L5 - Report of Alleged Violation of Sunshine Act.

If you have received texts or flyers from a local school district regarding the levies, please email them to me:

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