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The Elected Officials of North Idaho are not Listening!

How do you read this letter?

The voters of Kootenai County voted in board members to the North Idaho College Board of Trustees because they wanted change. We need a college president that doesn't hate people that think different. We need a college president that respects peoples personal health choices.

Did these people attend the CDA school board meeting? Did they watch the numerous videos from various points of view?

Hospital employees are in favor of the protests. Standing on public property on 95 and Ironwood is not making life harder for the workers. Have the signers of this letter talked with protesters?

You guys have been telling us how to vote for years. You are scared that you have competition. Competition is good.

Perhaps the way you guys have disregarded people's right to make their own personal health choices is why there is anger and division. Perhaps you guys are part of the cause of the anger and division. Have you considered that?

Public comment time is not being allowed or it is limited. More listening equals less anger.

"Experts, 10+ years in elected office, and not allowing adequate public comment are not North Idaho Values."

(Please note that Windmeyer and Fillios have been for mask mandates.)



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