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Re: Heart of Hope Health

From a concerned Idahoan:

"Regarding Heart of Hope Hospital…. I’ve asked the nurses in charge of setting it up what will they do to combat the state boards of nursing and medicine from coming after each practitioner and their license if they do indeed work there. I was told that they have a legal team working hard to protect the clinic from these issues.

Yet, In lieu of what occurred to Dr Ryan Cole and his inability to practice medicine here in Idaho any longer, I’m not sure how any of us can be protected. I’m sure there’s a lawsuit and I hope he prevails.

Although I love Idaho, it’s becoming more and more evident that Idaho is being taken over by the very Liberal fraction of the Democrat party ushered by many rhinos who don’t even realize that the candidates that they support are rhinos and have caused much of the damage to this state as it is.

Until we see some real changes that make a difference to people who fight for medical freedom, I would watch my back and my license if you want to remain practicing in this state or consider leaving to a state like Florida who still respects and cherishes what we do.

I know a lot of you will be thinking that what I’m saying is very pessimistic and that we should stay and fight and tough it out etc. I like that idea too, don’t get me wrong.

However, this is never an easy concept on an individual basis to require of someone and unless a tremendous amount of nurses and doctors are willing to stand up to this medical tyranny, I don’t think anybody or any small group ought to be the sacrificial lamb for the cause.

However, taking your talents elsewhere may just cripple the state enough to get the people to notice and perhaps vote differently. That is also a decision that should be made on the individual level and I’m not here to tell someone what they should or should not do.

God knows I have my own issues to contend with as well. Nevertheless, I wish Heart of Hope perseverance and God’s blessing of immunity from the state."

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