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Legislators Should Attend 10/22, Panhandle Health Board Meeting

Our local legislators recently stated that, "It is our belief that government mandates related to COVID are not only counterproductive but are an infringement on individual rights protected by the Idaho and US Constitutions."

Every one of them needs to be encouraged to attend the Panhandle Health Board Meeting on Thursday, October 22nd, at 12:30 pm.

Sen. Mary Souza - Sen. Steve Vick - Sen. Don Cheatham - Rep. Ron Mendive - Rep. Tim Remington - Rep. Tony Wisniewski - Rep. Vito Barbieri - Rep. Jim Addis - Sen. Carl Crabtree - Rep. Sage Dixon - Rep. Paul Shepherd -

Note that Rep. Paul Amador has not attended any town halls or made any public comments on the mask mandate or the August special session.

Personally, I am going to ask Rep. Heather Scott to attend too.

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