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House Bill 195 - Limits Public Areas for Picketing/Protesting - Part 1

Idaho State Representative Chaney has introduced HB 195, a bill that would make it illegal to protest/picket on a public sidewalk or road if you are in front of a persons residence. In Idaho one does not need a permit/permission to protest. There are already laws on the books for disturbing the peace.

Rep. Chaney says he wants everyone to be heard, but then goes on to talk about how "hateful" people are. He talks about how people have be rioting at people's homes.

Rep. Green talks about how there is other legal recourse. With the mask mandates you have unelected officials that don't have offices, offices are closed, etc. The public has been shut out of meetings or there is no public comment. Legal recourse is not possible with the legal system not functioning at full capacity.

In my opinion, what is unfolding at elected officials homes is of their own making. Take away the emergency orders, mask mandates, open up offices, have face to face contact with the people who elected you, resume jury trials, and you won't have people at your home.

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