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Did 18 People Resign from Kootenai Health?

Here is why 18 people "resigned" from Kootenai Health.

This was sent to the people who did not get the jab nor did they fill out an exemption form.

When an employer insists you voluntarily resign, is that an actual resignation or a "woke" version of being fired?

Kootenai Health wants to control the narrative.

Did Kootenai Health disclose the number of people who "resigned" in November and early December?

What does Kootenai Health have to hide? Why else would they say not to contact other employees or patients? Are they scared of the truth?

Asking for an exemption, means that it needs to be granted. That exemption can get taken away in the future. Beware!

THANK YOU to the person who gave me this screenshot.

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