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Civil Rights and Religious Freedoms

Religious Freedoms and Civil Rights in a Post Falls School District American Government textbook for high school students.

- "Civil rights are often associated with positive acts of government that seek to make constitutional guarantees a reality for all people."

- Occupy Seattle picture with very little context except - "...a worldwide movement for economic and social equality."

- Free Speech Zones - " is reasonable for governments to limit the place and time of political speech by creating so-called free speech tones." Recent U.S. Supreme Courts ruling say otherwise.

- The Patriot Act is mentioned but only in a positive light. There are downsides to it and those should be in this textbook.

- Pro-Life and Pro-Choice are mentioned.

- Undocumented Aliens? (Is that the legal term for that or the politically correct one?)

- "White Settlers Bring Discrimination? (All of them?)

- Unequal Pay - stated like it is a fact. There is data that shows that that isn't the case anymore.

If you vote/voted for a school district levy, you are voting for this curriculum.


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