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Your Propensity For Guilt Does Not Make You Morally Superior.

By A.F.

Welcome to the Modern Era. Where the Grub is Hubbed, the Cart is Instant, and your worth is calculated based on how many people follow your mind numbing posts about reeeeeally mundane things like “today I organized all of my shoes based on color and season and I am awesome! *selfie!*” (hey, I’m guilty of the mindless post as well, though I’d like to think my “poop” posting far outpaces my mindless ones by 20 to 1 *at least* - I know, I know, I cant help it)

But this rant isn’t about me, its about You. And how an increasing number of you have been completely programmed to believe that your propensity for guilt makes you morally superior to those of us who are immune to the need to be perceived as a Hero- and in your little mind, this makes US (the rational, semi aloof ones) the BAD GUY by default. Every victim needs an “Oppressor”.

You prance from post to post, koolaid-colored-unicorn mane flying in the META-wind, dropping your turd nuggets of hyper emotional, demonstrative BS all over the place: “Look at me! Look at what a GOOD person I am! I will exploit this opportunity – even if its totally out of context and completely irrelevant - to flex my virtue for all to see because I am a GOOD person, and YOU are a bad one cuz you are not as EMOTIONAL and SAD and EMPATHETIC as Meeee!”

And it is annoying.

The relentless virtue signaling will be your downfall (mark my words!) as you compete to be seen as the “most caring” or the “most sensitive” or the “ally” or the “savior” - I hope to God I’m still here to bear witness to it (Im grinning just thinking about it).

I wonder how many of you realize your desire to don the cape stems from a deep seated penchant for GUILT? And that the more you up the ante of your virtue signaling, the farther into the corner of irrationality you paint yourself? The result: a poorly concealed overcompensation to shame other people for not feeling as GUILTY as you do. The more apparent it becomes that we aren’t motivated by the self loathing you harbor, the more desperate you are to bend and twist facts into whatever picture will keep your own ego intact, the more the vicious cycle of “one upping” continues…. cuz that's really what all of this boils down to right? Who can muster the most GUILT?

In other words: you’re sick. *Yawn*

But the good news is: you’re in enormous company. It pays to be “sick” in the modern era, where every person is pathologized, diagnosed with one form or another of mental illness, and then lists those mental illnesses on their internet dating profiles like badges of honor. “Victims” are the new “Cool Kids” – gotta find a way to identify as part of the VICTIM Class, right? And if you cant find a victim identity, then dog-gon-it, you’ll be a victim AGENT, a victim DELEGATE! Ambassador to the “Marginalized”!

So at least you’ve got that going for you. This madness would never fly in 1980 – the rest of society would smell the blood-weakness that is You and they would have eviscerated you for it. But, you would have been better off as a result of it. My parents gutted me of my childhood dreams and as you can clearly see: I am much better off for it.

Buck up. Knock it off.

You people are ruining EVERRRRRRYTHING.



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