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Vaccine Bill with Teeth

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Next week there is a special legislative session in Boise. The "powers that be" aren't willing to consider anything that makes a difference (in my opinion).

Idaho Governor Brad Little, Idaho House Speaker Bedke, and Senate Leader Winder's lack of action seems to be showing that they are ok with mask mandates, and vaccine mandates. They claim the state shouldn't get involved in private business. I think they are giving companies and people the same rights.

A vaccine mandate for employment gets rid of medical privacy. Even people in the medical field have medical privacy rights.

Join me in emailing our local state representatives and senators. We want a vaccine bill that does more than prevent state agencies from implementing vaccine mandates. We want a vaccine bill that give we the people protection from the state and our employer.

Rep Jim Addis,, (208) 332-1065

Rep Paul Amador,, (208) 332-1048

Rep Vito Barbieri,, (208) 332-1177

Rep Scott Bedke,, (208) 332-1123

Rep Sage Dixon,, (208) 332-1185

Rep Ron Mendive,, (208) 332-1040

Rep Doug Okuniewicz,, (208) 332-1070

Rep Heather Scott,, (208) 332-1190

Rep Tony Wisniewski,, (208) 332-1060

Sen Pete Riggs,, (208) 775-7383

Sen Mary Souza,, (208) 818-2356

Sen Steve Vick,, (208) 332-1345

Sen Jim Woodward,, (208) 946-7963

Sen Chuck Winder,, (208) 853-9090


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