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Personal Observations from 12/10 NIC Board of Trustee Meeting

Here are some thoughts on the Dec. 10th meeting of the North Idaho College Board of Trustees. This was sent to me by someone who was at the meeting.

“I entered the room and saw McKenzie being harassed by Mike Gridley while he was trying to get ready to conduct business. Gridley and others were asked to leave trustees alone so they could prepare for the meeting. After repeated interactions McKenzie warned and called for security to remove people who were interrupting Board business. McKenzie assumed that NIC security did remove an individual from the room. He was in error. At the beginning of the meeting McKenzie asked for that individual to be able to return to the meeting, to then realize that that the person had never been removed and was sitting in the front row already. This is the same individual that was first to the microphone when people lined up behind him to attempt to give public comment.

I do not understand why Trustee Zimmerman was supportive of the loudest bullies in the room having their say. Everyone should have an opportunity to speak. Not every public meeting has public comment on the agenda.

After the meeting I learned that NIC Security did not have the manpower to enforce ejecting people from the meeting. Also, that CPA police claimed the meeting disturbance was a civil matter and they were “tied up” unless it was a 911.

Why did the three CDA City Council members in attendance just sit there? It gave me the impression that they were fine with the mob tactics.

Board members were bullied.

NIC staff members were bullied.

This is not right.”

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